Why Millennials are learning Tai Chi

The millennial generation spend a lot of their time doing many things, especially as their lives are so intertwined with so much technology and social media.  Yet it is very important for them to have “alone time” with themselves. 

Doing practices like tai chi, meditation, qigong or similar types of activities would provide this quiet time.  These perceived slower activities though are a big contrast to what you find with the young people of today, who are active and busy all the time, mostly in virtual worlds.

Finding a physical activity that promotes “alone time” is important because instead of being distracted and having their attention outside of themselves, it would bring them back towards themselves, making them aware of their inner quiet which everyone has, and which needs to be nurtured.

The benefit of developing this inner quiet, is so that they can focus better, have clarity of mind, and they can make better decisions going forward that will impact their future.”

– Leo Ming, Martial Arts and Tai Chi Instructor


The above is Leo Ming’s response to an in depth article CNN published in September, 2017, entitled “Tai chi fights stress, getting popular with Millennials.”

This article explains how the younger generations are taking up tai chi in order to reduce stress and ‘ground’ themselves. 

The gentle nature of the practice of tai chi has a different impact on them than other popular sparring sports found in gyms, and is thus helping those who spend their days sitting behind computers, being more introverted, to destress.

They mention that even the employees are offered tai chi classes by Google Headquarters.

A student of tai chi explained the slowness of tai hi as being deceptive, saying that it is not easy, as you have to remain connected to your breath while moving slowly, and each movement uses almost every muscle.  “Everything’s engaged but not stressed like it would be in a workout in the gym,” he comments.

The article also covers the following aspects of tai chi:

  • The research into the health benefits of tai chi, how it impacts our immune system to help it guard against inflammation and fight off chronic disease.
  • “The earlier you start in life, the more you reap the rewards [of tai chi] …. as the benefits are cumulative.”
  • How it is believed that the act of moving slowly in tai chi keeps us in the present moment, and this mindfulness is what aids tai chi in being so impactful on our health, because it promotes calmness and also interrupts the stress pathways in our physiology.
  • Millennials learning tai chiThe power of slowing down, and getting back into ourselves and our centres, in this demanding world of ours.

Read the full article and watch their video here.



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