Leo Low Ming in Greece for training in Taiji

In June of 2016 Sifu Leo Low Ming trained under
internationally renowned Grandmaster Jesse Tsao
in Athens, Greece.Leo was fortunate to have private tuition with
Grandmaster for a number of days, where they
focused on the health aspects of chi gong and taiji ,
learning about the postures and related organs.Insight into the yang forms was explained in detail,
as well as some chen and wu styles of tai chi,
including the taiji Bang of sifu Jesse.
Leo in Greece with Grandmaster Jesse Tsao

Grandmaster was trained by the ‘4 treasures’ or Chen masters of the Chen village
(being Chen Xiaowang, Chen Zhenglei, Zhu Tiancai and Wang Xi’an).

During many of the master classes that Leo participated in,this is one clip of Grandmaster
doing a demonstration of the taiji short form, showing great insight into the form:

Sifu Leo in Greece Sifu Leo Low Ming in Athens, Greece

Here is a video clip of Grandmaster Jesse Tsao watching carefully Leo’s taiji
short form chen man ching, and refining the very finer points.



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Lunchtime in Greece Lunchtime in Greece

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