Tips for practicing the Tai Chi Sword Forms

There are forms of Tai Chi, being a practice of the Martial Arts, that use weapons.

Specifically, the straight sword and the broad sword are commonly used in practice to enhance the understanding of this art form.

Besides the sword forms being a way to promote good health and fitness, with their energetic moves and deep lunges, they also require some mental preparation and an inner attitude to gain the most benefits.

Sifu Leo talks in this short audio clip about the symbolic meaning behind the sword that one should keep in mind during practice.  He touches on the respectful attitude required, and the inner mood that is best to develop before even picking up the sword.

He explains how the sword becomes an extension of one’s limb, and with time, how graceful and nuanced the movements become.

To learn more about the benefits of training with swords, and to explore tai chi, contact your Sifu, Leo Low Ming, on 0833780468.

5 Comments for “Tips for practicing the Tai Chi Sword Forms”

Natalie Bell


Thank you for this short and elegant overview of the mysteries of the sword…thoroughly enjoyed listening to it.

Ingrid Hurwitz


Thank you. Fascinating.
It is beautiful that there are so many fine distinctions to discover.
I keep re-appreciating that Tai chi is an endless journey with something for everyone.
The philosophy, the health and exercise aspects, the meditative dimensions, the community.
Super awesome



Thank you Sifu🙏🏽 Illuminating and encouraging! I especially liked the image of cutting what does not serve us anymore 😊and being patient with ourselves! Always a challenge!