Dr Helen Didcott“Tai Chi has been part of my life for 18 years . In a lifestyle that is very busy and intense, it is my solace. It gives me balance and calm insight and awareness into myself like nothing else. The longer I do it, the deeper it becomes. It is a very beautiful thing to feel the energy moving in your body. I can go to class feeling exhausted and come out feeling powerful and vital, other times I’ve rushed in frazzled and found a calm tranquility. What I love the most is that Tai Chi takes me into an ambiguous place where there is no finite way, it takes me into a place of awareness and experience rather than the world of constant order stress, perfectionism and control that we seem to think is correct. Sword and fan forms can be very cardiovascular and demanding on strength and flexibility, especially of the lower limbs. Each form has a different feeling and signature in its flow and formation. Tai Chi is an art to surrender to and in return it brings insight’s into your internal balance, wisdom and vitality….”
– Dr Helen Didcott


AshleyTai Chi in the spirit of Tai Chi. No competition, no grades, no hype. A space to relax, flow, develop-the-self, and connect with an authentic teacher and like-minded people.”
– Ashley


“Every martial artist seeks out a master (guide). A complete set of martial arts involves many aspects; physical, emotional, spiritual, cultural and personal. In my experience, the more I pursue all the aspects of martial arts, the more skilled and fulfilled I become in both my practice of tai chi and in all areas of my life. For such an endeavor, a guide is necessary! I am extremely proud and grateful to have Sifu Ming as my master, guide and teacher on this journey…”
– Ryan Arenson


Team prize in the 20km for RSA Team. Lucia Willemse, Barbara Nell and Elsa Meyer.

“I have been learning Taiji with Leo Ming for 3 years. I started as a result of a sports injury and my Physiotherapist recommended that I do Taiji to help heal and improve my strength and balance. It has been an amazing journey. Leo is a calm, patient and kind teacher. He leads by example and I continually aspire to move the way he does. Even though my injury has long healed, I have continued with my Taiji. I look forward to it as a time of peace and an opportunity to connect with nature. It is a wonderful antidote to competitive sport and it complements my Race walking so very well.”
– Barbara Nell – (professional sportswoman)


Kevin Joubert“Systems in alignment Energy unblocked Effective response / organic growth Mindfulness, control Balance and wellbeing Tai Ji brings me harmony”
-Kevin Joubert, Psychologist