Terracotta Army

On our Tai Chi China Trip, we visited Xian, and we went to see the Terracotta Army.

These sculptures, made out of terracotta clay, are something that will stay with us for life.  It was special to have witnessed their creations, as the magnitude and detail of the warriors evoked a strong sense of culture, pride, awe and wonder.

There is also a sense of the long history linked to these sculptures, as they depict the armies of Quin Shi Huang, who was the first Emperor of China.

We stood fascinated with how the people lived at those times.  As well as how they as a nation came together to build what they believed would be an army ready to protect the Emperor from any ghost armies of his many victims – he was tyrant leader after all. It is said that these warriors would protect him into his after life.

Each warrior is unique with individualised features, and they are in many different positions, like standing, sitting, kneeling and some even crouching. We, however, did not get a photo of any in martial arts poses, but we did get one in a martial like pose, before raising his bow and arrow:


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