Taiji Trip to China in 2018

Sifu Leo will be hosting, with Master Jesse Tsao, a group of students and friends of Mings Martial Arts Academy for a 10 day trip around China in April 2018.

Jese Tsao’s facebook post about the tour says:

“This is a private tour with no forced daily commercial shopping stops  saving time and money); our own private tour bus.
Jesse Tsao will lead tai chi and Qigong every morning for one hour before breakfast.
Non-Tai Chi and Qigong people can enjoy additional sleep or follow us to local park for sightseeing.
We arrange plenty flexible times on evenings free time for leisure or exploring as a group or on your own. These pictures are Year 2007 we practice tai chi with Xian local people.
Space is limited at 25.”



Itinerary for the 2018 Tai Chi Healthways China Tour Retreat with Master Jesse Tsao:

Beijing – Xian – Luoyang – Chen Village (Chenjiagou) – Zhengzhou – Yangtai Penglai.

Detail coming soon.

Contact your Sifu, Leo Low Ming, on 0833780468 for more info and to book your place.

 From another post by Master Jesse Tsao