Tai Chi

Taiji , also known as Tai Chi

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About Tai Chi

‘There is nothing more pliable than water, but when its energy is collected, there is nothing on earth that can withstand its force. The soft overcomes the hard, and the yielding conquers the rigid is an ancient philosophy known to all but utilized by few.

[VIDEO] Taiji clip on the Great Wall of China

Taiji Chuan applies the power and philosophy of yielding, non resistance and fluidity.

Its a classical Chinese exercise for health, self defense and spiritual growth.
It appears effortless, calm and is really beautiful, as it emphasizes relaxation, breath control and visual and mental concentration. It is rhythmic, has balanced and natural circular movements.

It has great health benefits such as circulation, neuro-muscular function and accelerated healing of many ailments. No other art is more refined in its oneness with the laws of nature.

Progress in taiji depends not on outer strength but on inner awareness thus stimulating the inner energies of the body. Whereas most western exercises focus on the outer limbs of the body, Taiji is an internal art cultivating the chi or internal energies.

Taiji’s techniques, mechanics and philosophy follow the ancient Chinese way of the Dao, which is to live and adapt to the ever changing patterns of nature. With in each movement in Taiji is yin and yang-complementary forces of positive and negative; hard and soft, fast and slow, full and empty; therefore in taiji one manifests stillness in motion and motion in stillness.

Integrating body , mind and spirit taiji leads to a deeper and a self understanding awareness of life and nature. Taiji , is essentially an art of peace.’

[above quote by Terrence Dunn]

[VIDEO] View this Video of Sifu Leo Low Ming doing the Fan Form in slow motion