Tai Chi protects us against dementia

We all have those forgetful moments, but what is of more concern as we age, is the deterioration of our memory and cognitive functions, as is seen in cases of dementia.

Exercise is important for our vitality and longevity, and it is being found that the type of exercise doesn’t have to be intense – like a gym session, bicycle race or 10km run – for us to gain the benefits. And this is especially so for the cognitive effects of exercise.

A slow form of movement like tai chi has many benefits, and there is research (explained on npr here) showing that it “can help slow cognitive decline and protect against dementia.”

Based on this research “if you’re able to keep doing [tai chi] two or three days a week on a routine basis, you’re going to get extra years before you hit that decline into dementia”.

You can listen about this in this podcast below, or read the article by clicking here.

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