Tai Chi Book – Coming soon

Watch this space for details of Sifu Leo Ming’s new book, “Yang Short Form. A beginners guide to Taiji Chaun“. 

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YANG SHORT FORM: A beginners Guide to Taiji Chuan is a comprehensive training guide for all students who are serious about becoming masters of Taiji. It is unique in that it details each of the forty four postures that make up the complete Yang Style Short Form, and it does so in a way that the student can experience the smallest nuance of each movement, from the opening sequence through to the closing posture.

This practical, user-friendly book features 200 pages of photographs, with descriptions, matched with the pace of the breath, enabling the student to focus on the detail of each movement and experience the balance and the flow of Qi.

In this book you will learn:

  • How to perform each move in the Yang Style Short Form
  • How to breathe correctly as you execute each move
  • How the Tan Tien drives all movement, opening the Qi lines so that the universal life force can flow through you more easily
  • How to position your body in a manner that balances and strengthens you.

About Sifu Leo Ming

Over the last forty five years, Sifu Leo Ming has studied with the Sensei’s Gogen Yamaguchi (the cat) 10th dan; Goshi, Yamaguchi (Japan); Tino Saberino (Australia); Sensei Chinnen (Japan); Tadashi Nakamura (USA); Hirokatzu Kanazawa (Japan); Tetsuhiro Hokama (Okinawa); Jose Figueroa (USA); Brian Cookman (UK); Sifu’s Duan Yu Chang (Taipei); Hsuing Wei (Taipei); Hanshi Kisho Inoue (Japan), and most recently with Sensei Darin Yee 8th dan (Boston), Bao Sen Liang (Toronto), and Grandmaster Jesse Tsao.

Leo is knowledgeable and practiced in judo; kali; knife fighting techniques; grappling, other forms of Taiji including Chen and Wu styles; Qigong exercises; boxing and muay thai. He has been honing his craft for 44 years and has taught professionally for the last 25 years. He now teaches in Parkview, Johannesburg.