Self Defense Skills are like a form of Insurance.

We live in a world of risk.

Everyday we face the risks involved with crossing the street, driving a motor vehicle, taking public transport.

Some of us face risks in our jobs, be it physical risk of injury from manual labour, or litigation risks when constructing deals, or financial risks of the performance on a job.

Depending on the environments you live and work in, you might also face the risk of being robbed, mugged or sexually harassed in some way.

We value our possessions and reputations, and thus do things to mitigate the risks involved.  We seek legal advice, put disclaimers in place, and purchase insurance to protect our liability and our possessions.

We also take preventative measures to manage unforeseen risks, like putting on our seat belts in the car, going to the dentist for regular check-ups, buying the travel insurance when we go on holiday.

Yet we often neglect an important form of “insurance” or “risk management” that will help keep us physically safe, or at least help us to get out of unsafe moments.

Self defense includes striking your attacherIf we define Insurance as a means of protection from loss, then we could see learning some simple yet effective self defense skills (especially if we develop  them with a little practice so that they become part of your instinctive responses to threat), as a way to insure we stay as safe as possible in this risky world we live in.

This form of “insurance” and “risk management” is about:

  • knowing how and when to defuse a situation before it might escalate to you being attacked.
  • understanding when the point is crossed where you need to proactively strike the predator rather than become their prey.
  • knowing how to use parts of your body as weapons to defend yourself.
  • developing the skill of applying techniques, rather than relying on physical strength (especially useful for women) to disorient your attacker, so you can escape.
  • developing the ability to keep your wits about you under pressure, so that you can handle your adrenaline rush in a moment of crisis.
  • developing the above self defense skills, and the necessary mindset to improve your awareness of what’s going on around you.

Join our next 8 Week Self Defense course and see it as you buying insurance to protect your most important asset: your self.  Take a few hours out of your life to be Woman learning self defense elbow strike moveproactive about doing what you can to prevent being a target and to protect yourself and escape from harm.

The 8 week course focuses on repeated learning in a pressured but controlled environment, to train your neurology to function well and proactively, should you ever find yourself in the most unfortunate moment of being at risk of bodily harm.

Don’t wait until you have an incident, be proactive and take some preventative measures.

For more info on dates see this page or contact your Self Defense Instructor, Leo Ming on 0833780468.