40th Martial Arts Training Anniversary

Taiji Training in America

To celebrate his 40th martial arts training anniversary,
Sifu Leo Low Ming spent a few weeks training in Boston
and Toronto, America, in June and July of 2015.


In Boston, Leo got to meet and spend days with the
international master Darin Yee 8th degree Uechi Ryu.
Leo had great private discussions and instruction on
various effective techniques with sensei Darin Yee,
who is very well known in the martial arts circles.

Master Darin Yee 7th dan Uechi Ryu, with Sifu Leo in Boston

Here they are in a private class:

Here’s another glimpse into a master class with sensei Darin Yee:


This is Sifu Bau Sen Liang in Toronto, who Leo
trained with privately. They did the Wu style
long form 108, and Leo describes it as
an “amazing experience!”

Sifu Leo with Sifu Bau Sen Liang, in Toronto

Here they are in his dojo in Toronto doing a section of the wu style:



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