Kobujutsu Karate

From the Ryu Kyu islands of Okinawa

The style was created by Sensei Motokatsu Inoue and the name Yui Shin Kai means “sincere heart and mind”. The name originated from the founder of the style, Seiko Fujita (1898-1966) the last true Ninja and headmaster of the Koga Ninjitsu Ryu.

Yui Shin Kai open hand system blends into the Ryukyu Kobujutsu weapons system, as the techniques of weapons are taught as an extension of ones ‘empty hands’. This style of karate uses circular techniques and a wide syllabus is covered from shuri, tomari and naha kata.

Yui Shin Kai’s philosophy of Sensei Motokatsu Inoue is that students must train diligently to become a respectable person and be modest. Perseverance is key and after much hard work we will build a strong character.

[VIDEO] Watch a Kobujutsu demo


Master Shinken Taira was a disciple of Yabiku Moden Sensei and compiled 42 Weapons kata. Weapons used in Kobujutsu are the

  • bo;
  • sai;
  • tonfa;
  • nunchaku;
  • kama;
  • tinbe and rochin;
  • surujin and shuriken.

This knowledge of the kata was taught to and passed onto the late master Motokatsu Inoue who was the highest direct disciple of Shinken Taira. Hanshi Kisho Inoue (son of the late Motokatsu Inoue ) now heads up Ryu Kyu Kobujutsu in Japan.

[VIDEO] Watch a demo of the karate kata called Pinnan Nidan