History of the tai chi short and long yang form

Cheng Man Ching’s yang short form, of the 108 tai chi long form, has huge benefits to one’s health.  It is relatively easy to learn compared to chen and wu style’s and is the basic entry level form into the tai ji syllabus at Sifu Leo Low Ming’s school.


As a physician professor, Cheng used taiji training to add to his patients program for quicker recovery, as he himself was cured from disease using taiji.

The 108 is a lengthy form , so Professor Cheng shortened and summarized the key points of the 108 form to produce what we know as the short form or 37 posture. He eliminated repetitive moves and adjusted the sequence.

It is a great form for the young and the mature to learn and has a good energetic feel, creates calm and internal balance.

Professor Cheng was approached by the Kuomintang government to help create a formal fitness program for Chinese school children.

This form is practiced world wide today. It also is not as tedious in repetition as the 108, and thus makes it easy to absorb.


Here is old footage, from the 1900’s , of Chen Manching practicing this tai chi yang form.

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