Fire and Ice Tai Chi Team Building

Corporate Self Defense Course on a roof topSifu Leo Ming ran one of his tai chi experiences, as well as a self defense course, for the Protea Hotel chain, for their team at the Melrose Arch “Fire and Ice”.  They got to enjoy the views of Johannesburg, and some winter sunshine, from the roof of Melrose Arch.

The principles behind ‘fire’ and ‘ice’ were fun to explore, as they relate to the principles of tai chi, being concepts like ying and yang, and of soft and hard.

Sifu brought these aspects into the sessions, so that the team could have a physical experience of these different energies and aspects of their brand, as well as creating the opportunity for the team to have a common experience to strengthen their working relationships.

They also left with some self defense techniques to keep them safe on the busy and sometimes dangerous streets if our bustling city, Johannesburg.

Self defense corporate event

The fun part of this corporate team building experience as the breaking of the board with a rolled up piece of paper.

“Thank you for an amazing experience” shared one of the participants. “We cant wait to practice every morning!”

To learn more about Sifu Leo Low Ming’s corporate team building experiences, contact him on 0833780468.