Code of Conduct at Mings Martial Arts Academy

Conduct Code

  • Dress appropriately in Ming’s uniform.
  • When entering or leaving class , or commencing a class please take note of the gesture of acknowledgement of bowing and respect.
  • Use the appropriate term “sifu / sensei (karate)” when addressing the teacher.
  • Show respect for one another, and welcome new students by introducing yourself.
  • Being late for class is considered a lack of respect.
  • Advanced just means that the student has more insight into the art. Be humble.
  • Only certified instructors may teach the art so as to propagate authenticity.
  • Do not abuse your martial knowledge.
  • Payments to be made in advance. 3 months in advance allows for a discounted rate. However if payments are made late then it does not allow for the discounted rate.


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For more info on this Code of Conduct and tai chi and karate in general, contact your Sifu Leo Low Ming, on 0833780468