The Importance of Being on Time

Dear Students

Please revisit this blog about uniforms and bowing for valuable information going forward, and learning an art and a discipline such as taiji.

Also remember, if you are learning, then in the spirit of learning anything, a certain code of conduct is expected. Arriving to my classes on time is one of them.

I have noticed that the aspect of time tends to be overlooked. In some arts such as karate, if you are late for your class, you would enter the dojo and kneel at the back of the room, and wait until the teacher acknowledges you.

It may be 5 minutes, it may be 15 minutes, or 40 minutes. In other words it can work both ways. If the teacher feels you are genuine in your heart, he will be genuine with his teachings toward you. This however does not mean that one can or should continue to arrive late.

Lateness and the wearing of inappropriate clothing is a form of being rude and ill-disciplined. It shows a lack of respect. It is not what one would do at a wedding, or a funeral, or any other occasion which we do not want to take for granted.

It shows that you think you can catch up or do what you have missed at a later day. It is being unaware , not mindful. Remember, tomorrow also does not exist. If we are mindful, we should have this realization.

Lateness also disrupts the other students who are trying hard in the classes. It distracts them. Being late sets a bad example that others can also have the excuse to follow. It disrupts the teacher’s flow. Being late can become a habit without realizing it.

While on the subject of identification, discipline and co-operation , please read our “credo” too!