Artistic Swimmers, Olympics and Tai Chi

Clarissa Johnston and Laura Strugnell represented South Africa the 2021 Olympics and were the first duet artistic swimmers to do so in almost 3 decades.

Laura and Clarissa also achieved a score of 7.2 which is the highest South Africa has achieved internationally in 15 years.

Vicky Drinkwater is their coach, and also a tai chi student of Sifu Leo Ming.

Leo speaks to Vicky, Laura and Clarissa about the sport of artistic swimming, their training and their experience at the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

You can find out more here on their Instagram account: @artswimduet_rsa and follow @teamxphoenixx, which is “the team inspiring South African artistic swimmers to rise to the next level”.

Below are some clips from Clarissa, Laura and Vicky’s Instagram account showing their training in action, and some of their routine underwater.