About Instructor

Introducing Sifu Leo Low Ming,
Tai ji and Kobujutsu Martial Arts Trainer

Sifu Leo Low Ming is a dedicated exponent of the martial arts. Since the early age of 6, he was taught taiji and karate by his father and uncle. At 13 he officially joined a dojo and has continued training ever since.

40 years on and he is even more passionate than ever. Ming has been instructing professionally for over 20 years, and he currently teaches both children and adults in Johannesburg.

His decades of experience in the martial arts and unique methods of teaching attracts people from all walks of life: psychologists, graphic artists, investors, lawyers, businessmen and professional sportsmen and women.

It’s also seen him choreographing fight scenes in movies and tai chi scenes in soapies like “Scandal”, and even acting himself.

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Sifu Leo has trained with internationally renowned masters in Japan, Australia, USA, UK and Europe, and his affiliations include:

  • Ji Hong Tai Ji – Toronto Canada (Bau Sen Liang – Instructor)
  • Ueichi Ryu – Boston USA (Darin Yee)
  • Ryu Kyu Kobujutsu – Holland (Wim van de Leur)

Get to know your Sifu

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