Our Venue for Tai Chi Lessons in Sandton, Johannesburg

Tai chi next to the pond


Help us to unlock our Sandton Venue!  We need to have a minimum of 20 regular students to make this lovely venue viable.  And we aim to re-launch the Sandton classes in the new Year,  February 2017 .

So far we have 9 students, and need another 11 to unlock Sandton.

If you would like to have classes at Sandton (as per the below days and times) then contact Leo now – we require September’s month fees upfront now as a deposit to show your commitment, so that we can unlock and relaunch this venue. (In the meantime you can enjoy classes in Parktown.)

(NOTE: Although it is unlikely, if we don’t reach our goal of 20 committed Students by springtime, you can either get your deposit refunded, or we’ll try again to relaunch in May 2017, and if not successful then either, will refund you.)

So contact your Sifu Leo Low Ming, on 0833780468 now to confirm your commitment, and help us unlock Sandton Classes in time for Spring!

About Sandton Tai Chi Classes & Venue

Centrally located, not far from the M1 highway, and right next to the Sandton CBD, is a quiet patch of garden in the Grayston Prep School.

This is where we enjoy our tai chi and qigong practice twice a week.

In summer we have lessons on the grass, surrounded by trees and next to fish pond, with blue skies above and a cool breeze. You can hear the birds twittering as they settle for the night, with the soothing sounds of the water fountain in the pond.

In winter we move to the School Hall, with its smooth wooden floor, and heaters keeping us warm as we practice our taiji and sword forms.

Venue in SandtonTai Chi Class Times:


17:30 (beginners class)
18:15 (intermediate class)

17:30 (beginners class)
18:15 tai chi (intermediate class)

Taiji Venue in JohannesburgAmenities:

  • Both outdoor and indoor facilities, to accommodate all weather conditions
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Secure parking and security


Grayston Preparatory School
North Rd
(Just off Corner Rivonia Road and Grayston Drive)
Sandton, Johannesburg

For more info contact your Sifu, Leo Low Ming, on 0833780468.

19 Comments for “Our Venue for Tai Chi Lessons in Sandton, Johannesburg”

Jill Dinneen


Hello Mr Ming!

I am looking for a T’ai Chi Yang 24 class. Do you teach this T’ai Chi form?

I am a long time practitioner of T’ai Chi and initially did T’ai Chi with instructors in Pretorai who were trained by Eddie Jardine. I then studied Wu style for about 2 years. For the last 8 years I have been studying Yang 24, and 32 Jin sword form in Bahrain with a Chinese teacher. I want to continue with Yang 24 because I really love doing it. I did some Yang 88 and Chi gung, Eight Brocades and Ji jing jing.

Best wishes, Jill

Mings Martial Arts


Thanks Jill for your enquiry. Yes we do offer class in Yang 24. I’ll contact you with more information, thanks, Leo.

Suny Lou


Compliments for the new year!
I am interested in joining up for tai chi classes as well at the Sandton Campus. Could you please email me the details?
Thanks so much.

Paddy Balsdon


I am 72, have become unfit and lazy. I enjoy walking but not on public roads. I would like to know more about Tai Chi



Could you forward me through details of your chi gong and taiji classes in Sandton – as I would love to join.

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