Self Defense

In today’s world it helps to feel confident that you can defend yourself if you ever had to.

In our Self Defense programmes you learn practical and effective techniques to avoid danger, and also to know if that if it can’t be avoided, you can defend yourself.

Our courses are based on tai chi and karate principles, and are designed for women, children and men of all ages, experience and fitness levels.

With understanding some simple principles of energy and force, you will learn how to easily deflect any attack, armed or unarmed. You will also develop the instincts to get out of a tricky situation and escape to safety.

We share both theory and do practical exercises in our training scenarios, so that you have the knowledge to know what to do when, and develop the instinctive movements needed.

Contact Sifu Leo Low Ming about the following options:

  • Upcoming public courses and workshops
  • Private lessons
  • Tailored courses for corporate wellness programmes

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