Our Venue for Tai Chi and Karate Lessons in Parkview, Johannesburg

Learn tai chi in Johannesburg under the Oak TreeThe beautiful school grounds of Parktown Girls High in Parkview, with many old, large trees, is the venue for our tai chi and karate classes.

Three times a week, we enjoy the quiet of the school after the students have left for the day.

In summer we have tai chi lessons on the grass field, under the shade of the big Oak Tree, and karate in the Studio.

You can hear the birds chirping and a few cicadas singing as the sun sets and breeze rustles the leaves of the trees.

In winter or when it rains all classes are held in the Dance Studio, with glass windows all around, looking into the trees.

Venue in ParktownTai Chi Class Times:

18:15 – 19:00 (beginners tai chi class)
19:00 – 19:45 tai chi (intermediate tai chi class)

17:30 – 18:15 (beginners)
18:45 – 19:30 (intermediate tai chi class)
19:30 – 20:15 (advanced tai chi class)

7:45-8:30 (advanced tai chi class)
Tai Chi and Karate classes8:30 – 9:15 (beginners tai chi class)

Karate Class Times:

17:30 – 18:15 (beginners karate class)

18:15 – 18:45 (mixed levels karate class)


  • Both outdoor and indoor facilities, to accommodate all weather conditions
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Secure parking and security


Parktown High School
Tyrone Avenue
Parkview, Johannesburg

For more info contact your Sifu, Leo Low Ming, on 0833780468.

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Can you please let me know the fees for the classses

Mings Martial Arts


Hello, the fees are listed in this page here: http://www.mingsmartialarts.co.za/#venues
And currently at the time of writing this post are:
Complimentary Trial First Class is available before joining.
Karate for children: R650 per term in advance.
Karate or Tai Chi for adults: R620/month in advance. or R1610 for 3 months in advance.
Call Leo for more info on: 0833780468



Dear Sir/Madame

I am a disabled person who lives in morningside area and was wondering if you could inform me when the beginners classes are going to be starting in sandton what time they will start if they are going to be on weekends and where