Forms and Styles of tai chi

At Mings Martial Arts we offer the following styles or forms of tai chi:

  • Yang style short form
  • Beijing form (24)
  • Combined form (42)
  • Chen style simplified form
  • Wu style long form (108)
  • Yang straight sword (traditional 55)
  • Yang straight sword (kun wern chein)
  • Broad sword
  • Fan form

The Yang Style Short Form

The Short Form is the shortened version of the yang style Long Form (108).  It is summarized and shorter, yet the form kept the essence of the traditional long form, which was too lengthy for the average person to grasp, with its 108 moves.

The short form is popular all over the globe, from Asia to the west.

DOWNLOAD a copy of the descriptions of the Short Form movements in this pdf.

The 55 Sword Form

DOWNLOAD a copy of the descriptions of the 55 Sword Form movements in this pdf.

The Fan Form

Leo Ming demonstrating part of the Fan Form of taiji:

Classes in Johannesburg

Our classes offer all the forms mentioned above, depending on your level.

  • Beginners classes offer chi gung and individual basic postures leading into the 1st section of a form.  We also do the introduction into the sword form.
  • Intermediate classes offer a taiji form and sword form and push hands.  The focus is extended to include internal body work and chi gung in more depth.
  • Advanced classes offer a refinement of all the forms and the internal work of chi and the tantein.


For more info contact your Sifu, Low Leo Ming, on 0833780468.

More info on venues and times of classes is here:

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