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Specialty Karate Classes for Children

Leo has vast experience with children of all ages. He teaches a circular, non-regimental soft style which is forgiving on growing joints. The method and philosophy has a holistic approach. He focuses on each child’s individual needs, and how they learn to adapt in overcoming particular challenges.

It is child-centred and therefore nurturing , and at the same time disciplined enough for the student to understand boundaries.

It is fun!

[VIDEO] View this Video of young Gaby with a bo kata

Children’s Karate Classes

Children Classes are 45 minutes and R1150 per term in advance.

Teenagers Classes are R700 per month in advance, or it can be paid per term (i.e. 3 x 700 = R2100 per term).

Children's Karate Classes in Johannesburg

Complimentary Trial First Class is available before joining. T-shirts and karate suites available upon request.

Please note: if the term fees are not paid in advance, students will be prevented from attending class. When doing payments please use child’s name and surname as reference. Don’t forget to email POP to me. For new students, please make sure you fill in the online registration form, and make sure you have me on your phone in order to get group whats ap messages.

Bank Details:

Standard Bank
Johannesburg branch 000205
Ac no. 004398122
(savings a/c)
L. Ming


Venues and Class Times:


Venue: Parkview Juniour School, Ennis Road, Parkview (more info here)
* Friday 13:15 -14:00 (Age 5-8 years, beginners class);  14:15 – 15:00 (Age 8 years and up)

Venue: Parkview Senior School, Dunkeld Avenue, Parkview (more info here)
* Friday 15:15 -16:00

Registration Forms

To Register, please join the academy by filling out a this registration form online here.

Or download the below registration form and bring it to your first class:
[REGISTRATION FORM] Kids karate – kids registration form – pdf

For grading applications, please download the below form and bring it to class:
[FORM] Kobujutsu – Children’s grading form – PDF