Credo for Mings Martial Arts Academy Johannesburg


  • To teach all people wanting to learn about taiji and martial arts, its tradition, origin and culture.
  • To provide information on emerging medical related studies and the healing properties of taiji creating health, positivity and contentment in our community, regardless of race, religion, gender, and status.
  • To propagate taiji and martial arts in its history, tradition and culture.
  • To keep open minded and to create positive thought patterns in the journey of the tao.


  • To provide a safe place where communities can be together, having the same or similar ideas and goals in the journey of the martial arts.
  • To continue exploring the traditional, versus the new and changing martial arts.
  • To acknowledge and practice the authentic spirit of martial arts.
  • To, through training, foster friendship, inner and outer patience, discipline and respect.
  • To uplift the community in healing, living, and being present in order to realise the precious moments in life, letting go of useless thoughts that interfere with our daily routine.
  • To be inwardly in touch thereby accessing ones natural chi for sustaining and healing , mentally, physically and spiritually.

Conduct Code

  • Dress appropriately in Ming’s uniform.
  • When entering or leaving class , or commencing a class please take note of the gesture of acknowledgement of bowing and respect.
  • Use the appropriate term “sifu/sensei (karate)” when addressing the teacher.
  • Show respect for one another, and welcome new students by introducing yourself.
  • Being late for class is considered a lack of respect.
  • Advanced just means that the student has more insight into the art. Be humble.
  • Only certified instructors may teach the art so as to propagate authenticity.
  • Do not abuse your martial knowledge.
  • Payments to be made in advance. 3 months in advance allows for a discounted rate. However if payments are made late then it does not allow for the discounted rate.



For more info on this credo and tai chi and karate in general, contact your Sifu Leo Low Ming, on 0833780468

DOWNLOAD this Credo in PDF form by clicking here.

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